Sam & Gabe (Teen Group)
cGroups Leaders# 956)533-4386
Address:303 E University dr
@6:30pm Saturday
You are who God says you are! Join our young adult cGroup and learn to live with an “altar” ego, God’s vision of who we are becoming.
Lulu & Jaime
cGroups Leaders# 956)207-6163
Address:2115 trophy dr 
@6pm Saturday
These practical tools from God’s Word will help you learn to fight the battles within, lets learn and fight together. 
Addrina & Sally
cGroups Leaders# 956)533-4386
Address:1508 Orlando st apt d
@7pm Thursday
Lets dive deep into scripture and discover the Holy Spirit
Marc & R-myna 
cGroups Leaders# 956)534-6680
Address:604 Dalobo edinburg
@6pm Saturday
#Struggles will show you the ways technology has enslaved you rather than served you and what changes your need to make in your life to restore balance.